Welcome to DPS Nava Raipur


At DPS Nava Raipur, we realize the importance of a healthy teacher-student relationship. So, we encourage our teachers to go beyond the curriculum and strike a bond with students for bringing out the best in them and giving wings to their multifaceted dreams. A disciplinarian, a friend, and a philosopher - our teachers are education virtuosos, knowing exactly the attitude to adopt in order to impart the best guidance to their pupils

The institution has classes beginning from Nursery and up to Class V. Besides, we provide umpteen opportunities and exceptional venues of growth to help students find their niche. Individualized attention, hands-on learning, and a positive environment throughout the campus are why our students achieve their optimum potential in a very short time. Research-based learning instead of learning by rote, a friendly teacher student relationship rather than a reserved one, and an overall free atmosphere contribute to the success of our world-class academic programmes.