Welcome to DPS Nava Raipur

Guidelines to Parents

It is mandatory to observe and follow the rules & guidelines

1. Student must carry Almanac to school every day.
2. Read school circulars in website (www.dpsnavaraipur.in)/Almanac/ Email/SMS.
3. Regular interaction with the teacher will help to address concerns and monitor progress.
4. Any change in address, contact no., email id must be intimated in written to school office, Headmistress.
5. Encourage your ward to speak in English at home.
6. Parents / guardian must produce identity proof at the gate.

Hygiene and Turnout
1. Attend school in neat, well ironed and complete uniform.
2. Boys must maintain short and proper haircut .
3. Girls having long hair must tie their hair into two plaits .Those having short hair must wear hair band.
4. Valuable articles like gold / diamond jewellery (chain, danglers, finger ring, ear ring, nose ring, bangles), facial make up like eye makeup, lipstick & bindi, henna / tattoo decorating on arms & feet, colouring of hair is strictly prohibited.
5. Only girls are allowed to wear one pair of ear studs.
6. Application of Henna should be restricted to inner side of the palm and tattoo with prior permission.

Code of Conduct for Students
1. Late comers will not be allowed inside the campus.
2. Students will be responsible for their own belongings.
3. Shouting, whistling and running in corridors, throwing things out of the window are not allowed.
4. The school will not be responsible for any criminal activity engaged in by the student.
5. Students will be expelled from the school by the recommendation of the disciplinary committee on following grounds which will be final and binding on the students:
a. Mental, moral, emotional and physical harassment of other students.
b. Any misbehaviour / indiscipline by any student / parent and damage to school property.
c. Delay / Repetitive failure in payment of fee.
d. Unsatisfactory progress in academics.
e. Non-adherence to school rules, regulations and guidelines.
f. Possession of prohibited items.

Birthday Celebration in School
1. Celebration should be through distribution of toffees only.
2. Cakes, pastries, cold drinks, chocolate bars, chewing gum and fancy gifts are not permitted.
3. School doesn’t take any responsibility of any party/celebration organized by parents / students whosoever celebrate birthdays outside the school campus.

Articles Prohibited in the School
1. Sharp objects namely blade, knife, scissors, nail cutters, needle.
2. Firearms, Explosives, Crackers, Holi Colours.
3. The use of polythene bags and non-vegetarian food.
4. Electronic gadgets (mobiles, i-pod, play-stations, audio / video players, camera, smart watch, fitness tracker, recording devices, toys etc) and expensive stationery articles. If found, the articles will be confiscated for six months.

School Trips and Tours
1. The school provides Sleeper Class train fare for Zonal level (CBSE & Inter DPS) participation and Three Tier A.C. train fare for national level participation.
2. The outstation lodging and food arrangements are provided by host school as per DPS Society / CBSE norms.
3. Parents, guardians or representatives are not allowed to travel with DPS students or interfere in any Inter School event.
4. Students must stay with the escort teachers and team mates during any Inter School event.
5. Students will be allowed for school trips and tours only with prior consent of their parents.

Disciplinary Measures

The following disciplinary measures may be adopted by the school in dealing with students behaving in an unruly manner and / or breaching schools’ disciplinary code /rules.
1. Oral warning and counselling
2. Written warning
3. Extra academic work, supervised by teachers, after school hours